Academic and Community Organizing Resources Addressing Anti-Blackness

UCSD/UC-Related Resources
BSU Statement and Demands 6/20
Cops off Campus Coalition UCSD
Justice for Black Lives: Petition to the University of California

Statements on Anti-Blackness and Police Violence (url updates needed)
Black Studies Project Statement
Black Student Union
Critical Gender Studies Statement
Ethnic Studies Statement
Department of Communication Statement
Division of Biology Statement
Division of Physical Sciences Statement
Division of Arts and Humanities Statement
Philosophy Department Statement
Theater and Dance Department Statement
Mural, Video and Statement from Visual Arts 3B Collective
Division of Social Sciences Statement
Anthropology Department Statement
Department of Education Studies
Linguistics Department Statement
Department of Political Science Statement
Department of Pschology Statement
Sociology Department Statement

Background: Reports
2009 Do UC Us? Report Authored by the UCSD Black Student Union
Ralph Bunche Center at UCLA Report: Gaming the System: Inflation, Privilege and the Under-Representation of African American Students at the University of California January 2008
2007 Yield Report

Resistance Against the 2010 "Compton Cookout"
UCSD Black Student Union State of Emergency Declaration and Demands Presented at the Real Pain Real Action Protest Feb 19
BSU State of Emergency Declaration as reproduced in Another University is Possible
UCSD Black Student Union Media Kit Feb 24 Press Conference and Teach Out
Revised BSU Demands Completed ~ Feb 29 and presented to the admin on March 1
Prof Jorge Mariscal's Article
Prof Wayne's Letter

Community Organizing
Pillars of the Community Political Education Seminars:
History of Policing in the US with Sandra Harvey, Michael Odom and Roberto Hernandez
Ron Wilkens Reflections on Resistance: Organizing Against Police Violence

Black Lives Matter, Israeli Annexation and BDS: Anti-Apartheid, Anti-Colonial Perspectives with Rabab Abdulhadi, Robin D. G. Kelley and Nerdeen Kiswani

Consensus Guide

Academic Organizing
Abolition May/Cops off Campus Coalition
Mathematicians' Letter || Article in Inside Higer Education on the letter
Hendratta Ali et al. (2020) A Call for a Robust Anti-Racist Action Plan from All Professional Geoscience Societies and Organizations
Academics for Black Lives (1 week of video training and exercises from the perspective of Black academic psychologists)

Academic Articles
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