Mission Statement

STEM 4 Black Lives (S4BL) is a collective of people at the University of California, San Diego committed to eliminating pervasive anti-Blackness insidiously rooted in capitalism and colonialism. We strive to root out and dismantle anti-Blackness at UCSD as well as in UCSD's interactions with the world. We do this by exposing oppressive institutions, systems, and relations -- both implicit and explicit -- as we organize for the university's transformation.

Relations between members and with the broader community are defined by working to empower and support each other, and particularly to support and appreciate Black People, Indigenous People, People of Color, Womxn, Queers, Transgender and Nonbinary People, and People with Disabilities. We make decisions using consensus procedures among active members who regularly attend meetings and participate in the collective's activities.

Joining the S4BL collective involves attending and participating in three successive collective meetings and consensus of active members. Members must also agree to the mission statement.

Changes to the S4BL mission statement require consensus at three successive meetings.